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On the coast of the snowstorm in between Happy Hamlet and Frosty Flights are two islands.

They are on both sides of a jetty and are disconnected from the map.

To help players get back to the map, one of the islands – the one to the southeast – has a hidden rift. The other holds three zip lines and an airplane spawn.

Upon landing on the island with the rift, players aren’t greeted with much. There’s a chest spawn on some rocks on one side of the island and a shack on the other.

Inside the shack is another chest and that appears to be all the island has to offer, which makes for a very disappointing landing spot.

The secret lies under the floor of the shack. When broken, a rift appears and gives you a chance to reach landfall. The rift was discovered by YouTuber CronicGamerZ and his video shows the location:

[embedded content]

It’s still not a strong landing spot but could work well as an isolated place to land for new players.

The other benefit is that players don’t expect opponents to be coming from the coastline because this is the first time a true free-floating island has ever existed in Fortnite. (Besides spawn)

In addition, players will be behind most of the lobby who will land in other snowy areas but then usually be forced to travel inland.

Neither island will likely turn into popular locations, but the hidden rift is a fun easter egg on a mostly desolate region of the snowstorm.

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