Bohemian Rhapsody: Here’s why John Deacon was NOT involved in Freddie Mercury biopic – Express

According to Metro US, she said: “He was not around at all.

“I don’t really know why. I think he is quite a recluse now. For whatever reasons, and I definitely don’t know why that is.”

“For Joe Mazzello [who played Deacon], his preparation, like all of the boys, was phenomenal.

“They watched tape after tape after tape. Getting their facial movements.”

She continued: “We spoke about putting a small gap in Joe’s teeth because John had the tiniest little gap in his teeth. They were all over it. But John Deacon was definitely not around.

“[May and Taylor] were very involved. I only met Brian and Roger.

“Because they were the band members that were around a lot. They were just utterly brilliant.

“Brian very happily leant original pieces that he wore. Which was massive. I think he leant guitars and all sorts of stuff, too.”

She added: “The first time that Brian met Gwilym, because he is so well known for his wonderful head of hair, he even just moved a couple of curls, making sure they were in the right place. Which I thought was brilliant.

“That showed the detail. They were extremely generous.

“Completely delightful and 100% all over it.”

Bohemian Rhapsody is out now.

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