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Controversial internet celebrity Logan Paul is once again under fire after he said one of his New Year’s resolutions is to “go gay” for a month.

The 23-year-old made the dubious claim earlier this week on his “Impaulsive” podcast, after he and co-host Mike Majlak explained they are vegan and sober for the month of January.

Paul then declared they would attempt “male-only March” and ”go gay for just one month.”

“And then swing … go back,” Majlak added.

The suggestion may have been a joke, but many Twitter users weren’t laughing, since it implied that being gay was just a choice ― or worse, an insensitive punchline for bros.

The problem with Logan Paul saying he’s going to go gay for a month, is what he’s teaching his very young and impressionable audience, that being gay is a choice or just some sort of phase. Disrespectful and dangerous

— Alison (@ali5on007) January 11, 2019

Obviously to @LoganPaul being gay is some sort of punchline to a joke. Make sure to tell that to youth that kill themselves because they struggle with being gay. Shame on him once again. https://t.co/7HE1t6AxC9

— Josh Seefried (@JoshSeefried) January 11, 2019

I honestly cried when I saw this. it feels like he is just making me and my community a joke and it doesn’t feel very nice.

— DINOSAUR (@Maxtheboii) January 11, 2019

Maybe @LoganPaul should research the torture and execution of gay men in #Chechnya before doing another pathetic PR stunt saying “I’m going gay for a month” – no doubt his core fans will plead for people to give him another chance, another chance too many.

— Lee-Mc (@MylifeinwordsUK) January 12, 2019

One person suggested an alternative resolution would be more appropriate and more appreciated.

Perhaps for the month of March instead of baiting the gay community you can use your massive platform as a voice for those LGBT+ who have no voice and resort to suicide and self-harm. Just a suggestion @LoganPaul

— Daniel Preda (@MisterPreda) January 11, 2019

Although it’s likely that Paul’s plan is just his latest troll attempt for attention, like when he filmed a YouTube video of an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest, a couple of people did see some potential positives.

I don’t know, maybe I’m less outraged because I feel like if a straight guy is even willing to “go gay” for a month shows that we’ve progressed just a little bit. Ask a straight man if he’d kiss another man for $1M a decade ago and they’d probably say no. Just my opinion.

— Matthew (@matthewcouto) January 12, 2019

Don’t understand the hate for male only march. You are breaking the stigma of experimenting with sexuality. People are misunderstanding and thinking you will legit become gay for a month then become straight, that’s why they hate.

— Register to Vote (@Ptrfromtheblock) January 11, 2019

You can see Paul announce the resolution at the 3:34 mark in the video below.

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