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5. Enjoy the Moment – Postseason football is as high pressure as it gets…but you can’t forget to enjoy the moment! That’s exactly what the Bolts did last week in Baltimore. They simply went out, had fun and played the same game they have since they were children. Need proof? Just look at Philip Rivers’ first down signal that went viral. Well, the Chargers need to play with that same attitude in New England. Facing the Patriots in the postseason in Foxborough is as daunting as it gets, so while you’re cognizant of what’s at stake, the Bolts know they can’t let it overwhelm them. So, as Rivers explained, the Chargers simply must enjoy this moment:

“I think you have to. Again, it’s a job, it’s an important one. You know, families and the many people involved — as you see across this league with different jobs and things that get turned over, and coaches and everybody involved, and players as well have moved all over the place. Thankfully, I’ve been with one franchise for my whole career, but at the same time, if it’s not fun, it’s the wrong deal. It is a game. So I think that was important for us last week. Let’s not say, ‘Hey, we have to play a perfect game this week. This is the playoffs. Let’s play a perfect game.’ No, let’s just play. We’re going to miss some throws, miss some tackles. We’re not going to play perfect because we haven’t all year, but attention to detail, have fun, play how we’ve always played, that’s when we play our best, and see if we can find a way to get it done, and we did. The challenge is can we do it again? Can we go 1-0 this week? I know it’s a boring approach, but it is the one we have to focus on because that’s only game we can win or we even have a chance to win, is the one on Sunday.”

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