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Up until today, the very common confusion between mainstream singer-songwriter Bryan Adams and indie-approved singer-songwrter Ryan Adams has been a source of humor, or at least the chance for know-it-alls (like us) to point out that, “Ryan Adams did not sing Summer of 69!” Legend has it that Ryan was never amused when people made this joke at shows.

Today, seven women — with the help of the New York Times — revealed very disturbing behavior by Ryan Adams. There’s nothing funny about this. The joke is now dead, but of course the confusion isn’t. BRYAN ADAMS (who happens to be having a moment right now thanks to a new album on the way and his role as songwriter of the new “Pretty Women” musical on Broadway) is trending on Twitter right now and it’s easy to guess why…

What I’ve learned today is that I do not know the difference between Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams.

— MJ (@amandwella) February 14, 2019

Bryan Adams must be getting a lot of misdirected anger at him today.

— Alt-Right Obama (@garo75) February 14, 2019

Bryan Adams is Cancelled!

— Patrick Delaney (@patrickfdelaney) February 14, 2019

My dad is throwing out all of Bryan Adams’ CDs right now and I didn’t correct him.

— john schmidt (@jpsmgmt) February 14, 2019

I’m “better google the difference between Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams” years old.

— . (@the_invisible_a) February 14, 2019

rip Bryan Adams

— Dave (@manflumonday) February 14, 2019

Am I the only one who’s been thinking of Bryan Adams this whole damn time?

— Mikey (@wookiee) February 14, 2019

I never really bothered to google the difference between Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams but now I know Ryan Adams is the shitty one

— Megwardsmith (@MEGwardsmith) February 14, 2019

and now you know…

Today I learned that Ryan Adams, the creep who sexually manipulates women, is not the same person as Bryan Adams who had that one song on the Robbin Hood movie in the 90s.

— The Gritty Committee (@ocoo6o1xmw) February 14, 2019

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