Bad weather gives IS militants in Syria a second wind – Fox News

BAGHOUZ, Syria – U.S.-backed Syrian forces say Islamic State militants have taken advantage of dusty and windy conditions to wage multiple counterattacks from their last speck of land in eastern Syria.

Windy conditions continued on Thursday, a day after IS in the Syrian village of Baghouz took advantage of bad weather to launch counterattacks on advancing U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led forces.

The wind and dust gave the extremists a reprieve from air strikes and air reconnaissance. They also burned tires and oil to thicken the air cover above their tent encampment in Baghouz where an unknown number remain holed up.

The U.S.-backed Syrian forces’ spokesman, Adnan Afrin, said late Wednesday they engaged in intense clashes with the militants, who sent suicide bombers to target the forces and blast open gaps in their lines.

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